Hey there,

I’m Sophie and I help young women discover what’s holding them back, so they can take control of their lives and become the fullest & happiest versions of themselves. As a Certified Success Coach, I specialize in helping college students unlock their full potential and go after the life they deserve. It’s my goal to help them overcome their obstacles while also designing the future they desire. 

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship that enables a client to move forward in her life with incredible focus, vision and momentum. I believe that deep down everyone knows exactly what is best for them. My job is to help clients discover who they are, what they want and how they’re going to get it. All the while, supporting them in overcoming daily obstacles and setbacks.  

Who Is Coaching For?
  • Are you unsure of what you want?
  • Do you lack confidence and self esteem?
  • Are you looking to excel in your career?
  • Are you searching for your purpose? 
  • Do you want ways to better handle stress and overwhelm?
  • Are you unhappy and unsure as to why?
  • Are you searching for better, more fulfilling relationships?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then coaching could be the answer. The question is – Are you willing to invest the time and energy into working on yourself so that you can start leading the life of your dreams? 

How Does Coaching Work?

Each coaching session is conducted via phone or Zoom video conference, per the clients preference. The sessions are one hour in length and are easy to fit in anywhere and anytime. In each session, we will dive deep into topics surrounding personal success, overall wellness and general life topics. Coaching is a process. As a Professional Coach, I am trained to deliver this process with confidence and skill, ensuring the client gets tangible results and plans of action.

What Does the Client Get Out of Coaching?

Clients will walk away from each session with a greater awareness, clarity, motivation and confidence in pursuing their goals. An action plan will be formed and an unshakeable focus will be awakened. They will realize their full potential and start taking massive action towards achieving their highest goals.

What Is Coaching NOT?

Coaching is not therapy or consulting. Coaching focuses on the present and future of the client’s life, rather than the past. A coach does not act as a therapist, counselor or psychologist delving into past trauma or any mental/behavioral needs. A coach guides the client and helps them discover what is best for themselves, rather than presenting the coach’s personal opinions.  


I was driven to become a professional coach, because I have been where my clients have been. I clearly remember the self doubt and fear that held me back from being my best self. After years of feeling inadequate, I decided I would no longer let life happen to me – I decided to take control of my future. I figured out who/what was holding me back, took control of my thoughts, started dreaming bigger and took massive action towards my goals.

My passion for self development eventually led me to becoming a certified professional coach through one of the world’s most prestigious training corporations, The World Coach Institute. Today, nothing brings me more joy and fulfillment than to help other young women eliminate their fears, crush their self doubt and achieve massive success in all areas of their lives. It is my mission to support others on their journey of discovering who they are, so they can go after the life they deserve.


“Sophie is such a devoted coach & a magnificent motivator. She helped me realize that the only person holding me back from getting my goal accomplished is myself. She helped me come up with strategies to face my problems head on. I’m so grateful for her.”

-Sha’Bria R. 

Sophie was able to help me simplify something overwhelming and create a practical plan to achieve my goals. By the end of the session, I felt empowered and inspired by the clarity I gained about myself and my goals.”  – Fatima P.

Having Sophie as a coach has been an incredible experience. Because of her amazing presence & focus she helped me to identify hidden issues and create goals to overcome them.  It has been a life changing experience.”– Sara C.

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