Coaching Services

for women ready to change their lives

Young Adult Coaching 

I specialize in coaching women ages 18-24 who are eager to take control of their life, so they can build the future they desire. This is a crucial and difficult time in which women are battling overwhelm, stress and anxiety around who they are and what they want.

I want to help my clients move forward with intention, knowing that they can have everything they desire, if they are willing to tackle their fears, manage their thoughts and create specific plans to achieve their goals.

Here are examples of topics that generally come up in our sessions:

  • How to manage time and overwhelm
  • Developing confidence in who they are 
  • Figuring out what they want 
  • Navigating dating, sex, relationships, etc.
  • Combating anxiety & stress
  • Establishing financial security
  • Starting a side business
  • Balancing a social and professional life

One-on-One Coaching


Girl’s Guide to Success

My signature One-On-One Coaching Program is designed for women who want to eliminate overwhelm, tackle their greatest obstacles and start achieving massive success in all areas of their lives.

spespspeciallyGroup Coaching 


 Success School 

In my signature group coaching program specially designed for college students, each client will join bi-monthly small group calls to figure out who they are, what they want and how they’re going to build the dream life they deserve.


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my vision

If we can support young women in finding a vision for their life, a faith in the process and a love for themselves – we are ultimately teaching them that anything is possible for their future. Before long, these girls will grow into the remarkable, vibrant women they were born to be.

xo Sophie