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In a time when it feels like there’s nothing but chaos swirling around us, it’s difficult to find any sense of peace or ease. Inner peace is a necessity in order to live a balanced life.

If you feel like you’re never feel fully relaxed and can’t sit still, then it’s time to spend a little extra time laying the foundation for a peaceful life. 

Spend time alone.

Cultivating the relationship you have with yourself is crucial when establishing inner peace. All you have to do to lay the groundwork for a peaceful mind is spend some quality time with yourself. And don’t get too excited, this doesn’t mean watching TV or going to a bar alone. Going on a hike, meditating, journaling, or even taking a bath are times that could be used to find a sense of peace. The goal is to dedicate time to being alone with yourself and your thoughts. For a lot of people, that idea can be scary, especially for those who suffer from anxiety.

Remember, this is just a time to be alone with your thoughts. There’s no need to fear them, you’re just observing them. If you don’t believe or like a certain thought, you can acknowledge it and let it go. 

If this alone time makes you feel particularly anxious, consciously direct your thoughts. These times alone are great opportunities to ask yourself questions that spark joy or imagination. Thoughts like:

What would my dream life look like in 5 years?

What’s the best part about my life? 

How can I use my gifts to bring more joy into the world? 

Take this time to think thoughts that excite you. This time spent alone is meant to be something you cherish. By asking yourself powerful, positive questions you’re training your mind to think positively when you have moments to yourself. Soon you’ll look forward to moments alone, because you’ll get to focus on all of the beautiful things in your life currently and all of the exciting things to come.

Strengthen your connection to the universe.

When you strengthen your connection to the universe, you’re tapping into a tremendous power. You’re connecting to something beyond what you see physically, and you’re reminded that there is a wealth of guidance and support available to you all the time. When you pray for support, it will be given to you. To tap into this support, recite the following prayer:

“Universe, thank you for reminding me that I am safe & at peace under your guidance. Thank you for guiding me back to love.”

When you connect with a higher power, you’re immediately reminded there’s no need to live in fear. You’re being guided and supported every day, and because of that you live a peaceful life.

It’s difficult to maintain this connection with the universe on a daily basis, especially if you’re going through a particularly scary or difficult time. But I guarantee if you take a few minutes each day, whether it’s meditating in the morning, praying on your way to work, or falling asleep with a positive mantra, you will see a massive shift in your life. It will first be a dramatic change in the way you feel and soon you will see those shifts come into your physical world. 

Inner peace is not an overnight accomplishment. It’s something that is cultivated over time, one moment at a time. The more time you devote each day to getting in touch with both yourself and the universe, the faster your peace will show up and the easier it’ll become to access it.