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I never believed I could just “think” things into reality. And luckily it’s not that simple, or the world would be a very messy place.

However, after years of studying the law of attraction, I started to open my mind to the possibility that if I focused on the things I wanted in my life, I could achieve them. But, even after I realized this, things weren’t changing as quickly as I hoped. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. After reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book Super Attractor, I realized there were a few important components to manifesting that I was not applying.

It’s all about “aligning” with the universe.

You may have heard that you need to feel good in order to attract good into your life. I had heard this too, so I was always trying really hard to feel good. I was always trying to be as positive as possible, despite having these unrelenting feelings that I needed to push for what I wanted.

I would write down my desires over and over, but it always felt like I was trying to convince myself that my dreams would come true. Bernstein refers to this as “manic manifesting”. It’s when you are feverishly trying to control the outcome of your life. This can be a little confusing because isn’t that what manifesting is? Not necessarily.

Manifesting is about asking for what you want and fully believing it’s already yours. When you feel calm and at ease knowing full heartedly that something amazing is coming your way, you are in alignment with the universe. If you’ve ever felt this feeling before, there is nothing better. Everything seems to go right, and even when something unfortunate happens, you’re not bothered because you completely trust in the plan of the universe.

A few ways to align with the universe is by meditating, praying or journaling on your thoughts on desires. And none of these practices look a certain way. You can pray while you’re on a run, meditate in the shower or journal while you drink a glass of wine. This is your practice. Find a way that feels right to you, and tap into your intuition.

You have to believe that you’re worthy.

If you don’t believe that it’s possible for you to make a certain amount of money or you don’t believe you’re worthy of your dream home, it will not manifest in your life. If you’re trying to manifest and feelings of doubt are arising, take a moment to get to the root of that doubt. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy exercise.

For example, if you’re looking for your dream partner but every time you imagine them you’re feeling doubtful they exist, ask yourself: “What are the thoughts that are causing this doubt?” If they’re not supporting you in achieving this desire, you need to make a conscious effort to change your thought patterns.

Create a thought that makes you feel hopeful that you’ll get what you want. Something like: “I have complete faith my perfect partner is on their way to me.You need to train your mind to believe that you are worthy, and that your dream life is possible.

You can always get back in the flow.

You will absolutely fall out of your manifesting practice. There will be days you don’t have time to meditate and nights you forget to write down your intentions. When I fall out of alignment with the universe, it’s easy to get frustrated, which of course makes things worse. But, that flow of the universe is always there. This means that it’s always available for you to come back to.

If you wake up one day and you’re feeling doubtful, anxious and fearful about your life – it’s okay! First of all, some days we just don’t want to feel happy. On days when a pet dies or you’re going through a breakup, you want to feel sad.

However, if you’re caught up in negative feelings and don’t know how to escape – all you have to do is recognize you’re out of alignment and decide to change better feeling thoughts. Bernstein refers to this as the “Choose Again Method”. You acknowledge that you’ve been seeing your life through a fear based lens, and decide to see with love instead.

When you choose to observe your life, and the people in it, with love. You’re choosing to align back with the universe, and in doing so, your life falls back into its natural state of joy and ease.