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The law of attraction states that what we think and feel is what we attract into our lives. So when we’re having negative thoughts about our current situation, we’re only attracting more of that negativity into our life. The law of attraction is simple, but it’s not easy to master our thoughts and feelings. But I promise, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Here are a few ways to start using the law of attraction right now to see immediate changes in your life:

Get clear on the feelings you want to experience.

It’s sometimes difficult to manifest something if you’re not entirely sure what it is you want. Let’s say you want to find a new career, but you’re not sure what exactly you want to do. Instead of not moving forward, simply focus on how you want to feel in this new job. You may want to feel supported, appreciated and excited to go to work everyday. You may want to work with people you love and do work that makes you feel inspired & important.

If you simply focus on how you want to feel, the universe will take care of the rest. Practice these feelings all the time – when you’re driving, falling asleep, or walking the dog. Imagine how you’ll feel once you get your dream job, find your perfect home or meet the man of your dreams. Every time you really feel those feelings, you’re pulling that event into your life.

Act as if.

If you want to make a six figure income, ask yourself how a person who makes that amount of money would act. Would they complain about debt or constantly worry about money? Or would they be at peace knowing faithfully that money is constantly available to them? I’m not recommending you be careless with your money or live beyond your means. But if you’re someone who is constantly focusing on your lack of money, you will always have a lack of money.

Act as if you’ve already been given everything you desire. A side benefit of “acting as if” is that you get to feel all of the good feelings now. The only reason we desire anything is because of how we think we’ll feel once we get it. But you don’t have to wait for anything to change in your external world to feel good. You get to decide how you feel.

By acting as if everything you desire is already yours, not only are you pulling all of those physical things into your life, but you’re deciding to feel good today, despite your external circumstances.

Become open to receiving.

In order for the law of attraction to work, you must enter a state of receiving. This is a fancy way of saying you must expect all of your desires to come your way. When you’re aligned with the universe, you have complete faith that everything is happening for you. You don’t have to try to control the situation and you don’t have to force anything.

If you truly believe that what you focus on you attract, then you don’t have to stress about how or when your dreams will come to fruition. You just get to enjoy the process. Like you’ve ordered a package and you know it’s en route. You don’t question if it’s coming, you just sit back and feel grateful that what you want is on it’s way.

The more you practice the law of attraction, the less intimidating and complex it seems. You don’t have to understand it completely, to use it for your benefit. Throughout this process, you will surely have moments of doubt and that’s okay. Tell yourself you’re going to go all in and give it a genuine try for at least two weeks. Depending on how committed you are, you will quickly see shifts start to take place in your life.

This isn’t magic, it’s the law of the universe. It’s occurring whether you acknowledge it or not. Might as well leverage it to achieve the life you deserve.